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Ryan Farms Partnership has a proven record of using technology to drive sustainability for our business and your farm.

The Farming Game has changed.  Gone are the days of plant it and forget it.  With the changes in molecular breeding, farming practices have to change to keep pace with the yield potential of today’s hybrids.  Ryan Farms Partnership has embraced technology to maximize yield potential whileminimizing environmental impact.

By utilizing yield mapping and variable rate technology, Ryan Farms Partnership has been able to manage acre by acre rather than field by field.  This rifle vs. shotgun approach has led to higher yields and profit for our farm and landowners.  Intensive management doesn’t stop after planting.  Ryan Farms Partnership uses satellite imagery to monitor the crop in season and identify problems and correct them before they impact yield.

In addition, tissue samples and in season soil samples are used to ensure plant nutrition never becomes a limiting factor. RTK auto steer and Swath control ensure accurate application of seed and crop protection products.  Ryan Farms Partnership sets the standard for using technology and agriculture.

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Your Land.  How can you make sure it is being managed correctly? We can help.

Sustainibility.  Stewardship.

As a landowner these things should be at the top of the list as concerns for the future of your farm.  With rising input costs, tenants often disregard what is best for the land and focus on the short term profit.  This disregard can leave the land drained of essential nutrients and ultimately less valuable.

At Ryan Farms Partnership, we partner with landowners to establish long term relationships that allow us to build the soil fertility and overall value of the land.  By utilizing tools such as, Grid and Zone soil sampling, variable rate application and precision farming; we have been able to maximize the profitability of the land while leaving it in better condition for the next generation.

Ryan Farms Partnership also participates in the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) which focuses on Integrated Pest Management to drive recommendations and applications.  Transparency for our partners is also critical for the long term success of all involved.  For 2013 we will be offering an online link for landowners to access information on their farms.  Info such as Soil tests, Yield maps and Prescription maps will be a click away.


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