Our History

mailboxRyan Farms Partnership is working to maintain a sense of pride and heritage on the farm site created generations ago. The Century farm was homesteaded in 1889 by John J Ryan.  His sons Ernest and Arnold Ryan, ran the farm until Ernest’s son, John, took over the farm in 1963.  John’s son, Shawn, joined the operation in 1985 and son, Tom, in 2005.

The farm functioned as a multiple crop and livestock farm until 1975 when John expanded on the hog operation.  Today’s farm consists of a crop farm raising corn and soybeans and a 700 sow farrow/wean hog confinement operation.  The success of Ryan Farms Partnership is largely due to the combined experience, expertise, and commitment of its current operators-John, Shawn, and Tom.

We are honored to have been named Brown County Farm Family of the Year in 2009.